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A decade of luxury concierge

by Sarah-Jane

For over 11 years Time Lifestyle Management have been providing tailored concierge and lifestyle management services to individuals, businesses and overseas clients.

Now that concierge and lifestyle management are becoming more well known and talked about by people and the press, it’s good to know that Time were the first company in this region to offer these services. Here is just some of the press coverage we have enjoyed in the last decade:

Cambridge Evening News July 01 – Sarah gives up perks to take on chores

A top telecoms sales manager has quit her job to take on all the chores she never had time to do.

The concierge service offers just about anything you can think of that turns into a chore.  If you do not have the time or inclination to do it yourself.

“Who says you can’t have a life as well as a fulfilling career”?

Newmarket Journal August 2001 – Time for high fliers to forget the chores

Help is at hand for busy business people with no time to waste around the house.

A new concierge company based in Cambridge aims to make life easier for high earners who do not wish to be bothered by daily chores.

“I had a really busy stressful career, one where I was rarely at home and when I was, I was exhausted, I didn’t have time for all the menial chores like domestic jobs, errands, shopping, waiting in for deliveries and organising suppliers.  I didn’t want to be doing these type of jobs in my quality time”.

As well as private clients, Time Lifestyle Management also offers corporate concierge services to organisations who want to offer their employees a work/life balance.

Individuals are working longer hours and longer days and just have no time for a life anymore.

Newmarket Journal Sept 2001 – There has to be a better service than this …

Why do people need to enlist the help of lifestyle management companies?

People are too busy to wait in for deliveries or tradesmen.   The service infrastructure is still not able to cope with these two main areas of customer service for busy professionals.

We have to take a morning, an afternoon or even a day out of our busy work schedule or organise appointments for the weekend.

Adhoc December 2001 – Time to sort your life out

Ever wished you lived back in the era when the day-to-day running of your household was taken care of by an attentive team of servants, butlers and scullery maids?

Time Lifestyle Management is now pioneering a service to take care of all the details for you, leaving you to get on with living your life.

Their aim is to make working people’s lives easier by operating exclusive bespoke lifestyle management packages.

Whenever you don’t hve the time or inclination to deal with something during working hours, chances are that Time Lifestyle Management can help take care of it.

Newmarket Journal September 2001 – Solutions for busy people

Time Lifestyle Management specialise in enabling their clients to strike a good work/life balance.  They are highly organised and conscientious and want to revolutionise customer service in the UK.

Time can help find anything and everything, from a house along with domestic services to a plumber in an emergency.  Time will run a simple errand or buy a last minute gift for a loved one, and they will research and source items and services on your behalf.

They will also recommend practically any service to you, chosen from their vast network of tried and tested associates chosen for their professionalism, knowledge and expertise within their environment.

“Time is a professional services run by professionals for professionals”.

Style Magazine September 2001 – Managing your time

If you are struggling to balance your professional and personal life, help is at hand.

High earners are now enlisting the help of lifestyle managers to run errands and do their domestic duties.

Employers are becoming more and more demanding, people are spending more and more time at work so have no time to organise their daily chores.

Our clients trust us and give us the keys to their lives and we simply put the balance back into their lives.  Anything from shopping, domestic, errands, product purchase and placement even sourcing opera tickets for a concert in Verona and searching for a specialist camera case, no job is too difficult for the time team.

Cambridge Evening News July 2002 – Luxury breaks

Time Lifestyle Management takes off organising luxury breaks using private jets.

Organising European city breaks to wherever the client wishes to go too, offering a seamless door to door journey.

Cambridge Network August 2003 – Rive race revival set to raise money for Addenbrookes

Time Lifestyle Management organise the Cambridge Raft Race to raise money for clinical research at the City’s world famous leading hospital.

Cambridge Evening News Business September 2003 – Survivors

Companies in East Anglia finding it tough, Time Lifestyle Management are survivors.

Sarah-Jane the founder of Time Lifestyle Management and pioneer of concierge services in Cambridge is passionate and determined that the down turn in business will not affect her business.

She turned the negativity around in her business plan.  With individuals needing to be more focused on their jobs more than ever and working longer hours, she worked out that they would need the services of the Time team even more.

Cambridge Network March 2004 – Increase in demand for office support

Small businesses are now enlisting the help of lifestyle managers to help with their office support, with directors having their own PA’s on a flexible basis.

Time do not charge expensive recruitment agency fees for their service, time is charged at their standard hourly rate.

The Guardian June 2004 – Domestic bliss without the chores

Working longer hours, earning a decent living?  Want to make the most out of what little quality time you have to relax?

Increasing numbers of time-poor professionals are now personal outsourcing time-consuming chores to lifestyle management companies, who in turn for an hourly fee will provide you with your very own personal assistant.

Cambridge based Time Lifestyle Management is now offering concierge packages to suit your lifestyle needs.

The Times September 2004 – Rollin in it?

Britian’s monied classes have never had it so good.  The market for exclusive lifestyle management clubs offering to mow lawns, book holidays, buy gifts and do just about every other chose has just been joined by a new-comer.

Time Lifestyle Management which encourages member to “delegate your life today”.

Daily Mail July 2005 – How to manage a millionaire!

With more than 100 concierge companies now present in the UK, having a lifestyle manager is becoming commonplace for cash-rich, time-poor individuals.

We can satisfy the bizarre and lavish whims of the super-rich.

From clients asking us to attend designer launch fashion shows on their behalf when they are out of the country to organising lavish parties and private jets, whatever our clients status or budget we cater for everyone.

Cambridge Evening News Business September 2005 – Lifestyle Guru

TV star in the making, Sarah-Jane Peck starts filming in January for an eight week fly-on-the-wall documentary about her job as a lifestyle manager.

UK Style Channel will follow Sarah-Jane’s day-to-day work, which is often surprising and always varied.  Her client’s include several well know people, and organising their wardrobes is one of their requests as they simply don’t have the time for this.

You will see Sarah-Jane working with many clients from the rich and famous to professionals.

We can’t wait!

Cambridge Evening News April 2006 – Time is on the move

Time Lifestyle Management are now offering clients a “complete” relocate package.

Whether you are relocating from overseas or the UK, time are on hand to help you, giving you a single point of contact to assist you during your relocation.

Services include; relocation project management, liaising with suppliers, interior design, organising social events, running errands, deliveries and utilities.

Time are aiming to reduce the stress levels involved with your relocation.

Cambridge Evening News June 2007 – Getting a buzz from the high life

Ever wondered how the other half lives?  I know they live in a luxurious whirl of soft furnishings, fluffy towels, champagne lunches, beauty treatments and a glamorous assistant on call day or night.

Time Lifestyle Management arranged for the hire of a luxury apartment from one of their 14 luxury apartment developments they manage.  Complete with porters, a personal trainer, masseuse, beauty technician and a sumptuous menu of food.

Meeting with Sarah-Jane she could see the stress lifting from me and explained this is what she enjoyed most about running time, “we take their problems and jobs and tell them we will come back with solutions and timetables for them”.

We offer a flexible service to our clients which suits their lifestyle, we are as flexible as they want us to be, we undertake as little or as much as they wish us too.

Woman & Home May 2008 – When time is more precious than money

Some things in life are just so taxing and time-consuming, we’d rather pay someone else to do them.

Time Lifestyle Management have found a niche in the market offering their lifestyle management packages to time-poor professionals who just have no time.

Enabling you to delegate your life or just some of it, they will do anything from filing your paperwork and organising a collection and delivery service for your dry cleaning and laundry to running various errands for you.

Nothing is too small or too large for the Time team.

Cambridge Evening News Property – February 2009

Time Lifestyle Management makes moving easy.

Offering various “Concierge” packages to Estate Agents assisting their clients with their house sale.

Services include; house doctor, gardeners, cleaners and interior design.

Style January 2010 – Time to get organised

Time Lifestyle Management is the specialist concierge company.  Sarah-Jane Peck and her team can help to make your life easier by organising everything from housekeeping, errands, interior design and personal trainers to social event planning, chauffeurs and private jets.

Time offers a vast wealth of in-house expertise and experience and the best ever customer service you will ever receive.  Time also have a large network of reputable associates on hand to help you with just about anything.

Cambridge Evening News March 2010 – Working day Sarah-Jane Peck

4am – wake up and can’t get back to sleep as so much to do and want to just get up and get on with it all, but I can’t as the business world is still sleeping!

09:00am – today, I have back to back appointments in Cambridge with my last appointment being 7pm this evening.  Then I am back to the office to wrap up the day and answer emails and write my “to-do” list for tomorrow.

Standing the test of time – Jan 2011

For over 10 years Time Lifestyle Management have been providing their specialist range of concierge services in Cambridgeshire.

“Our services are an absolute necessity to time-poor individuals who need their time back” explains Sarah-Jane Peck the director of this pioneering service.

And having survived two recessions and the current downturn in the market Time is still thriving and staying focused on what they set out to do way back in 2001, and that is offer a unique concierge service coupled with an extremely high level of customer service based on their clients needs.

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