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At your service

by Sarah-Jane

At your service

We really enjoy our diversity of clients at Time Lifestyle Management and we’re ever-vigilant to your differing needs, always on the lookout for new services that will add value to our relationship with you.

Many clients who come to us are initially in a state of flux – changing jobs and moving into a new area; in the process of buying a new property and waiting for the sale or renovations to be completed; or even working on long-term but temporary contracts that require a home away from home.

Quite understandably, up until now many of you have seen hotels as your best option.  No responsibilities, a range of services on tap, and the ability to leave at the end of a given time without a backward glance.

Now, though, we have a much more comfortable alternative to offer; one that provides all the benefits of hotel accommodation, combined with the comfort of your own home – Serviced Apartments. And all in the very heart of Cambridge city centre.

The serviced apartments come with a full cleaning service as part of their package but the added benefit of sourcing them through us is that you still enjoy access to our full concierge service: PA support, domestic services such as laundry, dry cleaning and ironing; event management and chauffeur services – all through a single phone call.

So, instead of being shut in a single room or a suite in what is often an impersonal space – something that is fine for a few days but can pall after a few weeks – you simply tell us the size of apartment you would like and we make all the arrangements to enable you to enjoy all the comforts of home, with none of the responsibilities.

And when you are ready to move on, into your own space, we’ll help you make a seamless transition and continue to support you with any of our services should you choose. It couldn’t be simpler.

For details of our full range of services and how we work, please contact us.

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