16 May 2016

New Year – new changes

The New Year is always exciting for the team at Time Lifestyle Management, not only do we find ourselves assisting our existing clients with their on-going needs, we receive many enquiries from potential new clients who find themselves in very difficult or different situations and need our help.
16 May 2016

Healthy body, Healthy life

At Time Lifestyle Management, we’re passionate about taking care of key elements of your life; about freeing up time for you to do other things.
16 May 2016

all you want for Christmas is more free time…

If all you want for Christmas is more free time… and a stress free life, then let Time Lifestyle Management net you an early Christmas bonus.
12 May 2016

I had no time to project manage my property refurbishment

Sarah-jane has managed my property for 8 years and project managed a refurbishment.