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Healthy body, Healthy life

by Sarah-Jane

Healthy body, Healthy life

At Time Lifestyle Management, we’re passionate about taking care of key elements of your life; about freeing up time for you to do other things. But then we got to wondering – once you’ve got all that lovely spare time, what do you do with it? Do you make the most of it or simply fritter it away leaving you with a vague sense of dissatisfaction that you have wasted your time?

Well, all that wondering finally led to our latest light bulb moment – and our latest addition to the Time Lifestyle Management Service Portfolio … our new Wellbeing services, including Personal Training.

A natural synergy – managing your lifestyle and your wellbeing.

If you’ve always promised yourself you’d take better care of yourself and change your approach to life if you only had the time, Time Lifestyle Management can help you make that happen, with the minimum amount of fuss. Service provides support, motivation and advice to enable you to reach your goal.

Personal training – the benefits

Whether you wish to lose body fat, gain lean muscle or simply lead a healthier lifestyle, our Personal Trainers will develop a customised plan to ensure you reach your goals in a fun but effective way – one that makes the most of what time you have available.

Our Wellbeing package

But, we all know that getting yourself into shape isn’t simply about hitting the gym.  It’s a combination of
how you look and how you feel. That’s why we have also put together a range of complementary services to help you further develop the new you – and enjoy it while you do it!

Our Wellbeing packages include:

Work/life balance advice

  • Work/life balance advice
  • Spa weekends in the UK or Overseas
  • Weekend retreats that will introduce you to the joys of juicing, yoga and pilates
  • Image consultants Personal shoppers to help you find your new style and make the most of your assets
  • Access to nutritionists to help you understand how to achieve and enjoy a balanced diet

If we’ve whetted your appetite, or you simply can’t wait to get started, call us on 0845 094 4071 or visit our website www3.timelm.com for further details.

It’s never been easier to enjoy a whole and healthy life!


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