Muneera Al-Fayez

I have been working with Time Lifestyle Management for 5 years now, and really, there is nothing which they can not organise for me and my family, their contact list is endless and I trust them and their judgement.

I purchased an apartment in central London at the beginning of the year, as my children are now studying in London and needed a base there. I wanted to make the apartment ours, and decided that we would require a complete refurbishment of the property.

I had a meeting with Sarah-jane and briefed her on what I wanted, we worked together coming up with various ideas and solutions before she could brief the interior designers.

I am based in Saudi for a lot of the time so all correspondence had to be done via Skype, email and telephone, this was not a problem as this is the way Time are used to working, they have many clients like me.

On my next visit to the UK, Sarah-jane had already had been presented with the interior design ideas so this was presented to me. I know that Sarah-jane pays attention to detail, but she really had listened to me, I guess having worked so closely together now for the time which we have, she has come to know me very well and what I like.

They did push the boundaries and push me out of my comfort zone with the colour scheme, but I liked everything they presented to me, I knew I was in safe hands and the apartment needed a “wow” factor, and this was definitely achieved in their design ideas.

I left them to get on with the interior design job and only visited my apartment on two occasions, as I wanted it to be a surprise for me and my family when we finally viewed our apartment – and it was.

Upon opening the front door, I smelt a beautiful sweet smell and saw the wonderful calming wallpaper and our family portraits. It got better – the colour scheme was beautiful, everyone room was different and my bedroom was so luxurious and glamorous, the “wow” factor was there and the furniture chosen suited our lifestyle and the apartment. Me and my children we were absolutely amazed at how our apartment had been transformed in just a matter of a few months. My children were left speechless studying each room. I love it and so do my children, it is so easy to live in, so calming and so comfortable.

Not only did Time help me with the interior design project, they took away all of the stress associated with this type of project. They project managed the entire refurbishment programme working closely with the interior design company and keeping me updated almost every day. Sarah-jane and the interior designer worked very hard on making sure it was perfect for us and the timescales were kept. All of the soft furnishing matched right down to the bedding and the towels!

Time organised all of our utility accounts for us and project managed our entire removal process for us, they organised a removal company and arranged to have all of our belonging unpacked and put away. They took care of all the mail, they organised a fantastic cleaning team which we still use to ensure everywhere sparkled, there were even fresh flowers and chocolates and groceries in the fridge upon our arrival, we were one again given 5 star VIP treatment.

All we had to do was come in and enjoy our new apartment! There was nothing else to do, as everything was done for us.

Sarah-jane and her team are totally fantastic, they never leave anything to chance, they treat you like they are the client so they know how things should be, they take complete control and ownership of everything I give them, I do not know what I would do without them, I know Sarah-jane would always be there for me as she has proved this time and time again.

Thank you for our wonderful apartment – we love it so much!

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