Julie & Dennis Finan, Cambridge

We contacted Sarah-jane for advice on redecorating our flat. As we are not there all the time, the initial idea was for contact with reliable companies to freshen up the paint, and change the flooring.

Before I knew it, Sj had come up with some great ideas on how to completely change the look of the flat and make it a nicer place to spend time. We had many discussions, and Sj was great at suggesting colour schemes, soft furnishings etc, always taking our thoughts into consideration.

As we moved on the job itself, Sj works with good reliable people to do the work. The decoration, electrics, flooring and curtains are all beautifully done, with any small problems quickly and easily sorted. Any failure to attend to a problem resulted in the sharp edge of Sj’s tongue, and no second chances! She is definitely one to have in your corner!

The work was completed with very little checking up on our part – Sj was there to supervise the whole project and kept her finger on the pulse at all times, even when on holiday! She emailed photos of work as it was being completed, and any queries she might have. We had contact almost every day, sometimes more often. The stress of not being onsite while the work was being done was completely taken away, and we trusted her to make the right decisions, or to contact us where it was appropriate.

We have no qualms about completing this testimonial, and would definitely recommend Time Lifestyle Management. We would certainly think of her for any future decorating, or as someone to turn to for advice on accessing any other service we might require. We would consider the company safe, reliable, and very security conscious also, giving peace of mind while we couldn’t be there. Sarah-jane and the people doing the work are friendly, VERY professional, diligent, and obviously enjoy what they do.

Thank you again Sarah-jane.

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