Sam Fossett – Cambridge

My connection with Time Lifestyle started in 2012. Then recently bereaved, I was looking for someone to help me downsize from the family home where we had lived for over 40 years to a flat more convenient  for an older man living on his own. I decided I could not do this without help, and did not want to impose on my family who were busy with their own responsibilities.

Time Lifestyle came to the rescue. They ensured that all was in order in the new flat, and helped with the move making sure that the furniture I was keeping went to my new home, and the remainder went in various directions to my children, a charity and the saleroom of the auctioneer selling off some items.  All went smoothly, and within a week I was fully unpacked and settled in my new home.

Since my move Time Lifestyle has helped in countless smaller ways, resolving practical problems which, as one gets older, seem harder to deal with. One example was arranging for a buffet lunch for friends and relatives after the ceremony of interment of my wife’s ashes.

Their most recent contribution was to oversee the installation of a new kitchen. I inherited the old one when I bought the flat. It was no longer in good condition and was not always reliable. Time Lifestyle assisted in agreeing the specification, and oversaw the installation whilst I was away on holiday, making the whole operation painless from my point of view.

Time Lifestyle has been, for me, an invaluable resource. As an older person living on my own it means that many practical problems are solved with a quick e-mail. My family has the reassurance that I have support when needed without them having to take time away from home and careers to sort me out. I would wholeheartedly recommend them.

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