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New strings to our bow

by Sarah-Jane

New strings to our bow

There’s much excitement here at Time Lifestyle Management as this month sees the addition of two new services to our portfolio: specialist immigration and visa services and domestic staff recruitment.

Maintaining standards is a key factor in any choice

We are always looking for ways to improve our offer to both existing and new clients – and in some cases, as with these, new additions come as a result of specific requests from our clients. Of course, adding a new service is not something we do on a whim. We take time to  understand exactly what the issues are for our clients before researching potential partners to provide the perfect quality of service and fit of personality. It is not something that can be rushed, however, we are delighted that after some months of actively looking, we have found two new partners who have agreed to provide specialist expertise in their respective areas exclusively to Time Lifestyle Management clients.

Immigration and Visa applications

Immigration and visa applications is a complex field.  That’s why we have chosen a leading London-based immigration consultancy that offers specialist legal advice and global visa solutions for both private and corporate clients.

Domestic Staffing

Employing professional staff to maintain your home to the standard you require can also be both stressful and time consuming. By using our specialist recruitment partners to recruit a full range of domestic staff – from live-in housekeepers, nannies and estate management staff to cooks, villa and yacht crew – you can be assured that all the necessary checks and references will be taken care of before likely candidates are introduced to for your final selection.

And, as with any of our offerings at Time, accessing selected service is simply a call away. For an informal chat, why not call us now.

Can we help?

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