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New Year resolutions? Why wait?

How often do we wait for the new year to begin before sitting down and setting out our resolutions? And how often does that mean that our resolutions don’t get started until the end of January, and even into February? At Time Lifestyle Management, we know the value of proper planning – it is, after all, a key element of what we do. But, when lack of time is a major factor in your life, we say why waste it by waiting for the new year?

By considering what you want to achieve next year and putting a plan in place now, you and your project can hit the ground running as soon as the chimes have been rung.

To help you get started, here are our top five tips for kicking off a successful project.

  1. Write a list. Sounds obvious, but writing a list can help you focus your mind and prioritise what you want to achieve.
  2. Set your objectives. Be clear about what your ultimate objective is for each of your priorities and know what is going to be involved in its delivery.
  3. Have a budget in mind. Very few of us have endless pots of money. By setting a budget at the outset and planning properly, you can often get more value for money.
  4. Timescales. Clear staged schedules, with everyone involved understanding their role and your expectations, will mean there should be minimal nasty surprises in terms of project delivery.
  5. Availability. With time such an issue, be realistic about what you can afford to handle on the project yourself and what will require assistance and knowledge. If you have a full time demanding job and are undertaking a major construction, house move, etc, consider whether you will really have the time and energy to be available each day to deal with any issues.

And if at any stage you realise that you simply can’t do it all yourself, they why not give us a call? We’re happy to take on any project, large or small, and have access to a wide range of qualified tradespeople who will be happy to help make your dreams a reality. For an informal chat about your new year’s resolutions, why not call Sarah-jane now on 0845 094 4071.

Merry Christmas!

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