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Only for the rich and famous?

by Sarah-Jane

Usually after I have explained to people what I do, I am met with “Oh I would love this but can’t afford you”, or “So is it just for the very rich and famous?”.

This is simply not the case and is exactly why I set up time 10 years ago. I was a time poor individual, and totally identified the need for such a service, yet wanted to offer a cost effective service to ordinary time poor individuals – I didn’t want to exclude anyone.

With the pressures on individuals to work longer and harder in the UK, we are finding more and more individuals and corporate organisations are using us for lifestyle management and concierge.

When you think what your time is worth against our hourly tariff, that is when you see just how cost effective we are, and you know we will carry out a good job for you.

How long does it take you to find a reputable plumber, electrician, carpenter, decorator or handyman?  How do you know they will arrive?  How do you know they will be good at what they do?  How will you project manage them and let them into your home if you are at work? What about quality control?

This is exactly the kind of questions many people ask themselves and having no time just makes matters worse. I am confident we will save you time and money and give you piece of mind – whatever your situation and income!

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