Saif Al Hameli

I came from the UAE to study in Cambridge where I needed help with everything!  I called in the help of Time Lifestyle Management where they sat down with me and went through all of my requirements and timescales.

In the space of one week they managed to organise all of my immediate domestic requirements with such ease, nothing was too much trouble for them, they seemed to know exactly what I required, as well as offering an extremely high level of customer service.  My experience of the service industry in the UK had not been very good up until I met them, therefore, not only did they really impress me with their knowledge and customer service, they also put me at such ease that everything was in such safe hands.

They arranged for the same cleaning team to clean my apartment at the same day and same time each week, they even arranged for a company to come and collect my clothes to be laundered and dry-cleaned.  I even arrived home one day and they had set up all of my utility providers and had my new TV working!

All of these domestic services and organisation of all the other jobs was carried out in the background, time and their suppliers are all extremely knowledgeable and professional  in their approach, they know what their clients need and want and they certainly made sure I got the service I paid for.

When these services commenced, I couldn’t believe just how easy my life became, they gave me absolute peace of mind and I had every confidence in them as they understood my needs, they removed a lot of stress from me and enabled me to completely concentrate on my studies, which is what I am in the UK for.

I had an emergency leak and they organised a plumber for me while I was a study school, they carried out various errands for me as I didn’t have the time of local knowledge of any companies, and I didn’t really want to use companies who I didn’t know.

They organised couriers and deliveries in my absence, purchased stationery, ran grocery shopping errands, they even helped me with various confidential paperwork and forms and checked my mail for me in my absence, even paying my bills when I was out of the country.

I would certainly recommend the time team, and if you manage to be lucky enough to get Sarah-jane as your lifestyle manager then all I can say is that she is the best!

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