Working with us

Following an initial telephone discussion, we’ll meet with you for an informal chat. Sarah Jane, our founder and director, will assess your needs, discuss how we can help, and ensure we have the right fit of personalities that mean the relationship will be successful.

During our discussions, we’ll outline the Time Packages – highly flexible packages that enable you to choose how your hours are spent – and we’ll schedule which tasks you want completed within your chosen time allocation.

Once the schedule is agreed, we’ll make a selection from our range of specialist associates to undertake your tasks.  All of our associates have worked with us for many years, are fully vetted, CRB checked where appropriate, and are fully insured for the duties they carry out on our behalf – as is Time Lifestyle Management.

Because we recognise that it’s essential that you are totally comfortable with who you let into your home and your life, we match carefully your personality and approach with that of our associates. This ensures that there is the basis for a strong relationship based on trust and high quality service.

Should you need us to provide services that we don’t yet offer, simply give us your brief and allow us time to get an approved associate in place, and we’ll set up the service specifically for you, at no premium cost.

We never forget that ours is a people-business based on trust, a passionate commitment to high quality service, reliability and respect, and we take our responsibilities very seriously. We know that we are only ever as good as our last project, so we continually check with you to ensure that you are 100% happy with our associates and the services that they have provided.

Why not contact us today to introduce your organisation and services. Call us on 0845 094 4071